How to Sign-up for Classes for Living Social and Groupon, as well as New and Existing Members.

Class Descriptions are Below the Calendar

  1. EXISTING MEMBERS  login here, or pick a class on the calendar below and login to your existing profile.
  2. NEW MEMBERS please select a Level 1 Fundamentals class on the calendar below.  Select the membership that you want to purchase. If you are on a free try-out, please select the 1 FREE Workout. If you are on a GROUPON or LIVING SOCIAL, please select the Groupon orLiving Social membership that corresponds to the option you purchased. You will then click the Register for Class button. This is only done for the first class, after that please just login to your existing profile.


Fundamentals Levels 1 - 4

The Fundamental Class series is where all new members start. This 4 class series MUST be completed in order to participate in the standard classes, as each class builds off the previous one. I highly recommend purchasing a pair of 5-6 inch protective terry cloth wrist bands. I prefer Under Armour. While learning movements you will bang the kettlebell off your wrist.  The wristbands provide protection during your  learning experience.

In the Fundamentals program you will learn our joint mobility drills, the dynamic cool down and how to properly perform fundamental body weight exercises. This is where the foundation of the basic kettlebell movements including the swing, goblet squat, clean, rack position, press, high pull, snatch, Turkish get-up and the barbell deadlift will be learned. There will also be brief fitness tests, so you can chart your progress using our free software. By completing this series, your experience in the standard classes will be safer and much more enjoyable. You will also be ready to workout at a higher level, which will provide better results.


Kettlebell Blitz

Prerequisite -  Completion of Fundamentals Levels 1-4

Kettlebell Blitz is the anchor class of Michigan Kettlebells. You will thoroughly prepare your body for the workout with calisthenics,  joint mobility drills and the dynamic warm-up. You will increase your overall strength and your cardio capacity. You will be using kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, strong man influenced type equipment as in tires and sandbags to get stronger and increase endurance. This is the type of workout that will prepare you for competitions as in triathlons and mud run obstacle style races. Athletes, Military, Law Enforcement Personnel, Firefighters and any person who wants to be better prepared to tackle everyday life with a stronger, injury proof body. If overall strength and endurance are what you are looking for, and you like to challenge your body to new things, then this is the class for you.


Kettlebell Sport

Prerequisite -  Completion of Fundamentals Levels 1-4 and 5 Kettlebell Blitz classes

The Kettlebell Sport class focuses on training for upcoming kettlebell competitions. You do not have to compete to participate in this class, however those registered for competitions will be given preference as this class is limited. Training for a kettlebell competition is a very demanding, yet fun experience. There is great comraderie built in this class.

Barbell Strength

Prerequisite -  Completion of Fundamentals Levels 1-4 and 5 Kettlebell Blitz classes

Barbell Strength focuses on the basic barbell lifts such as the deadlift, squat, bench, military press and the clean. 

Competition Kettlebell Workshop

Prerequisite -  Completion of Fundamentals Levels 1-4 and 5 Kettlebell Blitz classes

This class is for people considering competing in Kettlebell Sport. The pendulum swing will be taught. This will be the main focus of the class. This is the preferred swing for efficiency as the short events are 5 minutes in length. Proper breathing will be taught as this is the key to becoming a strong and efficient Kettlebell competitor. The rules of the Biathlon and Long Cycle will be explained. The workshop will finish will a mock competition.